Bond Issuance

DLR Kredit loans are granted on the basis of issuance and sale of covered bonds (SDO) or mortgage bonds (RO).

DLR covered bonds are issued and sold through ongoing tap issues and at quarterly refinancing auctions.

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All DLR bonds are gilt-edged and CRD-compliant listed securities. Compliance with CRR Article 129 (7) is ensured by quarterly cover pool disclosure based on the Label Transparency Template, which makes the bonds eligible for a preferential risk treatment. Since January 1 2008, all bond issuance has been in the form of SDO bond series. Old RO bond series were closed for new issuance at end-2007 and have been grandfathered as covered bonds.

The bonds are listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen. Bonds issued in DKK are repo eligible in Denmark’s Nationalbank, while bonds issued in euro enjoy ECB eligibility.

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Coupon Rates on DLR Floating-Rate Bonds PDF