CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

DLR embraces its social responsibility to our business partners and to society. Our CSR especially focuses on shareholders, borrowers, employees and the environment.

DLR applies its social responsibility as a natural part of the company’s lending policies and co-operation policies.

DLR considers the results of our operations in 2018 satisfactory. The results have been achieved with due consideration of our co-operative relations, and in 2019 operations will continue at the same level.

As a mortgage bank, DLR’s job is to provide loans secured by real property. We offer mortgage loans for agricultural and urban trade property. DLR’s loans are provided in collaboration with local and regional financial institutions.

DLR is aware of the great significance that mortgage-credit financing has to the Danish business sector. It is therefore our task to operate as a responsible enterprise in compliance with requirements of the regulatory framework and in accordance with our commercial objectives.

We endeavour to ensure that the daily operations of DLR business are conducted according to our core values, with focus on the interests of shareholders, intermediary lenders, borrowers and employees.

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