DLR Kredit is rated by Standard & Poor’s

DLR was first rated by Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services in May 2012.

On 19 May 2017, S&P raised DLR’s Issuer Credit Rating to A- from BBB+ on Additional Loss-Absorbing Capital, Outlook Stable. At the same time, DLR’s bbb+ Stand-Alone Credit Profile and the A-2 Short-Term rating were confirmed, Outlook Stable.

All DLR’s covered bonds (SDO and RO) have been assigned AAA ratings since 2012, Outlook Stable.

Long-Term Credit Rating A-/stable outlook 18/05/2017
Short-Term Credit Rating A-2/stable outlook 31/05/2012
Stand-Alone Credit Profile BBB+/stable outlook 31/05/2012
Cap. Centre B (SDO) AAA 24/10/2012
General Cap. Centre (RO) AAA 26/11/2012
General Cap. Centre (Senior Resolution Notes) BBB 18/05/2017

In recent years, DLR has strengthened its capital base with a view to enhancing resilience to potential drops in property prices, ensuring a high bond rating and being prepared for future capital adequacy requirements pursuant to the CRD IV regulation.

Read more about DLR sufficient capital base and solvency requirement here arrow3

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